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Thomas Wiesmann

Personalberatung, personalvermittlung

Interview on "Personalisten" development with Thomas Wiesmann

What do a riding instructor and a steam cracker have in common?

Both very funny job applications, which reached us a few months ago. The job description of the steam cracker was just as unusual as the fact that the riding instructor should also be an accountant. The solutions to these positions ran nevertheless faster and better than imagined. Two highlights for real.

What was the trigger for the founding of Wiesmann?

The selection of qualified employees had been a lot of fun in my previous career in business. I saw a market for a truly tailor-made selection of top employees. Since I've always liked dealing with people, switching to the recruitment agency was ideal for me.

When was the exact birthday of Wiesmann?

The birthday was February 1, 2006. It was a Wednesday. Together with an intern I started on an office in the center of Dusseldorf.

How did the start of your younger brother Matthias happen?

Matthias provided strong operational support from the beginning of 2007 and joined the management team in 2010. It was good to get valuable support as we both complement each other very well in business and personal terms. One could also say: Two "Westmünsterländer" who want to represent the future viability of a family business in the Rhineland.

What makes Wiesmann better or different than others?

We meet the people here in a very personal way. Together with the client company, we develop a precise idea of the ideal candidate and look at this level, whether he fits professionally and personally. The feedback from the customer and candidate side is that we are able to achieve this to a particular degree.

How have customer needs changed over the years?

Customer needs have remained broadly similar. However, we are developing new solutions every day on how to get the right candidates. There are always nice ways to master quantity without losing sight of the quality. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully brought more than 1000 professionals and executives together with the companies.

Was there a particularly bizarre story?

Of course a lot, but to name one... A gentleman recently applied to us who already stated in the subject line that he is looking not only for a new job but also for a new partner.

And then?

The project is still in progress.

How do appreciation and value creation fit together for you?

Both are directly related to each other. In the short term, value creation also goes without appreciation, but in the long term it is only with the esteem of everyone.

How has the perception of customers changed?

We have developed from someone who sometimes sporadically helps, to a partner at eye level.

What are the biggest challenges for the future?

To inspire ambitious candidates in an increasingly narrow candidate market for us and our customers. And we want to continue to meet candidates and clients in a very personal and appreciative way.

Most important question at the end: What do a Wiesmann and an Audi have in common?

Technology, quality and traction.



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