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Petra Bartling

Steel Industry

We find the right candidates – even if they’re μ-sized.

Five-axes rotation is nothing unusual for us. Whether it’s simultaneous milling, CNC grinding, Sinumerik, Heidenhain or DIN programming – our sector ‘metal and steel’ specialises in finding the ideal professional whose profile matches exactly the requirements, technically speaking, drawn to muster and with the right tolerances. And if steel’s more your thing, we’ll source the perfect buyer and distributor fluent in DIN EN 10027 and with high-end alloys.

The sector

The metal and steel industry is often referred to as ’the heart of the economy’. This essential part of the value chain forms the backbone of the German economy, along with key areas such as automotive or machine and plant engineering. With 3.5 million employees in the steel-intense sector, two out of three jobs are located in the metal and steel industry. Strong local networks in production and supply, whose biggest competitors are also mainly based in Germany, characterize the sector’s corporate landscape. Here we find a very strong and competitive steel industry (the largest in the EU) and a diverse, mid-market, processing industry. The present and future economic success of many industries is highly dependent on metal and steel - truly precious materials. Thanks to Wiesmann Personalisten, the future has a shine to it!

Our clients

Metal comes in many shapes and colours. It can be coarse, noisy, yellow, hot, bulky, and dirty, but also fine and clean. Our client spectrum is just as varied. We recruit candidates for companies from the field of medical technology, ‘Made in Germany’ (implants) as well as companies specialised in assembling semi-finished products. Each of our clients is a specialist in their respective field and we are specialists in finding the right people with the necessary know-how and experience. We headhunt specialised experts (‘Key Account Managers in Steel Trading’) as well as candidates with more diversified backgrounds (‘Production Manager Machining’). Our portfolio includes clients from the areas of locking technologies; drive technology, as well as punching experts.

Latest placements in this sector:

  • Teamleader Steel Trade

  • Production Manager

  • CAD/CAM-Programmer

  • Technical Purchaser

  • QS/QM Manager

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Petra Bartling

Personnel Consultant & Marathon runner

„New roads grow out of going them.”