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Matthias Wiesmann


Our comfort zone.

Services are our core business. So it goes without saying that we recruit only the best candidates in this highly varied sector. Our formula is simple: Service is key!

The sector

Varied and valuable. Although the textbooks describe ‘Services’ as the economy’s tertiary sector, it is one closely linked to the primary and secondary sectors (commodity production and manufacturing). Looking at logistics, financing, or maintenance, a product’s value chain often far exceeds its manufacturing costs. As such 80% of Germany’s companies are service providers, employing 75% of the country’s entire workforce. As in many other areas, innovation in the services sector is chiefly driven by digitalization. This trend guarantees that services will continue to be in high demand.And Wiesmann Personalisten will make sure that the future is a secure one!

Our clients

Our clients in this sector are well-known enterprises in the areas of telecommunication and insurance, plus specialized branches such as receivables management. We successfully recruit candidates across all areas - from office clerks to managers.

Latest placements in this sector:

  • Sales Representative

  • Senior Project Manager

  • System Administrator

  • Collection Manager

  • CCA Inbound

Our Branch Partners:

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Matthias Wiesmann

Managing partner & Basketball player

„Grass does not grow faster if you pull on it.”