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IN 3-D.“

Petra Bartling

Jobbörse, Personalmanagement

Machine and Plant Engineering

We think in many dimensions.

When you mention ‘3-D’, we know that you’re not talking about the movies. And we know that tolerances are close to your heart. We’ll find you experienced special machinery engineers, production engineers with strong leadership skills or sales engineers with well-founded experience in everything relating to machine tools. In our specialist field of ‘machine engineering’, we’ll find the specialists you’re looking for in all areas, engineering, from plant engineering to machine cutting. We discover the hidden champions for hidden champions.

The sector

With over one billion employees and annual revenue of 200 million, this sector is one of Germany’s key industries and its largest employer. Furthermore, the sector’s 60% export rate and its ‘engineered in Germany’ reputation make it one of Germany’s most prestigious economic branches worldwide. The sector’s excellent reputation is due to our engineers’ outstanding training, and said engineers are in high demand in Germany and abroad. Whoever secures these candidates secures the future.Thanks to Wiesmann Personalisten the future looks bright orange.

Our clients

Our clients are companies from all areas of this sector who all share one passion: High-end engineering. Conveyor systems, machine tools, complete systems or components, wind power, railway technology - our recruitment processes are focused on the specific requirements of our clients at all levels of seniority. We are experienced in recruiting for all areas of the sector, be it for specialist (Engineer for Process Water) or standard positions (Sales Engineer). Our client base from this sector comprises in the main upmarket mid-sized companies that like to hire employees who are a good match professionally and personally.

Latest placements in this sector:

  • Head of Sales

  • Service Engineer

  • Technical Editor

Our Branch Partners:

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Petra Bartling

Personnel Consultant & Marathon runner

„New roads grow out of going them.”

Anastasia Welsch

Recruiter & Arya Stark Lookalike

„A bruise is a lesson…and each lesson makes us better.” 

Linda Schwenke

Recruiter & Top ballerina

„You have to dance your life.“

Lisa Hüning

Head of Recruiting & Improvisation Artist

"You can't think negative and expect positive."