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Thomas Frieg


We specialize in multimodality.

We stock only Fast Moving Consumer Goods. We exclusively commission special requests, and deliver high quality products, on time and anywhere. Our ‘pick-by-competence’ candidates from the logistics sector are recruited in a multimodal manner and are never just ’straight off the shelf’, although they enjoy being around containers and pallets. Wiesmann Personalisten, your shortcut to the best candidates!

The sector

Germany is Europe’s market leader in the logistics sector (by revenue) and the global leader when it comes to efficiency and infrastructure in logistics technology. With 2.8 million employees, it is the third largest employer in Germany (with automotive in first place and trade and commerce second). Germany’s top five logistics enterprises are based in North Rhine-Westphalia, making this region the very heart of this sector. Europe’s most extensive transportation network runs through this federal state, as does its largest waterway (the Rhine river), and biggest inland port (Duisburg). The logistics sector faces future challenges already on the agenda today: networking, real-time data exchange, data-as-a-service, track and trace, and ‘green logistics’. Wiesmann Personalisten make sure this is all included in your supply chain.

Our clients

There is such a variety of services along the supply chain, and our client base in this sector is just as varied. Whether they are experts in pooling carriers, supply-chain services specialists, standard commodity services, intralogistics, companies, terminal operators, our clients all share the same goal, namely the highest standards in services and performance. Consequently, we know the ins-and-outs of this sector and can differentiate between procurement logistics, production logistics, and distribution logistics. We only recruit candidates who will advance the position of, your products and your services.

Latest placements in this sector:

  • CEO

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Head of IT

  • Group Leader Logistics

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Thomas Frieg

Manager & Sea-fisherman

„There's no such thing as impossible.”