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Rekrutierung, Personal, Düsseldorf



Matthias Wiesmann


All things legal.

Legally binding or not, we know our paragraphs and act only in a legal manner. We have specialised in recruiting personnel for law firms: Legal assistants, foreign language secretaries, and specialist lawyers. We like to reach a settlement.

The sector

Germany is European champion in registered patents. Innovation and inventions are therefore an important factor in key industries such as machine engineering and biotechnology. To maintain this status quo, many law firms have specialised in patent and competition law. Indeed companies themselves often have their own legal departments in order to protect their know-how. Globalisation plays a key role in increasing the reputation of commercial lawyers specialised in other areas. In particular, large international law and auditing firms are competing for the top candidates, in order to maintain the excellent service for their notable clients.Thanks to Wiesmann Personalisten, the future will be “top class”.

Our clients

Among our clients number large enterprises whose products are of a ‘sensitive nature’, as well as services companies working at the interface between science and economy. We source candidates for large, international law firms and small, though excellent, highly specialised law firms.

Latest placements in this sector:

  • Paralegal

  • Patent Attorney

  • Patent Paralegal

  • Personal Assistant

Our Branch Partners:

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Matthias Wiesmann

Managing partner & Basketball player

„Grass does not grow faster if you pull on it.”