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Simon Franken

Electrical Engineering

We’ve got the right connections.

What good is a service technician with a lot of energy but little know-how? We push the right buttons and recruit suitable candidates who don’t keep the customer waiting and who know their trade: electrical technicians, qualified commissioning experts, or SPS programmers.

The sector

The electrical industry employs a workforce of approximately 850,000, with an average annual turnover of 170 billion. Alongside mechanical engineering, electrical engineering is one of Germany’s most important industries. A powerhouse in innovation, it makes a huge contribution to Germany’s competitiveness in future technologies, such as in the current trend of automation and data exchange known as ‘Industry 4.0’. Closely linked to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering plays an important role in the areas of automation and production technology. No wonder that there is increasing demand for only the best specialists and managers in this field. Wiesmann Personalisten will keep supplying the sparks!

Our clients

The electrical industry is made up of many different areas. This variety is shown in our client base in this sector, such as companies in the area of measuring and control systems, automation technology (transmission systems) or microelectronics (security systems). Consequently, there is a broad range of vacancies, for example, ‘Coordinator for Development/Transponder Technology’ or “Commissioning Engineer”. Here, too, our recruitment team focuses on the candidates’ experience and know-how in the sector.

Latest placements in this sector:

  • Project Manager

  • Head of Electrical Engineering

  • Production Manager

  • Service Technician

  • PLC-Programmer

Our Branch Partners:

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Petra Bartling

Personnel Consultant & Marathon runner

„New roads grow out of going them.”

Anastasia Welsch

Recruiter & Arya Stark Lookalike

„A bruise is a lesson…and each lesson makes us better.”