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Seppelfricke Armaturen GmbH


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  • Design Engineer
  • Product Manager

About the company

Seppelfricke Armaturen GmbH is a mid-sized company based in Gelsenkirchen. Founded as a family-run business, the “Metallwerke Gebrüder Seppelfricke” gradually developed into becoming the leading German manufacturer of protection valves for potable water and gas installations, stoves and ovens.

In 1996, the company became part of the international Holding Aalberts Industries N.V. and is one of its most important subsidiaries, with its core products, gas and water valves and fittings.

Seppelfricke Armaturen GmbH produces innovative and high-end components and valves/fittings for heating, sanitary, and gas installations, and ranks highly among the market leaders. The company offers its customers a network of complete solutions for joining techniques, potable water and gas valves, heating and underground engineering products.


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