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Rhein-West Güterverkehr GmbH


Job positions filled:

  • Manager Order Picking
  • Specialist Warehouse Logistics
  • CEO

About Rhein-West Güterverkehr GmbH

Growing "customer orientation" and "globalization" mean that industry and commerce are increasingly concentrating on their core business areas and, for example, outsourcing logistical functions to competent partners.

Rhein-West Güterverkehr GmbH manages a modern logistics center of almost 30,000 square meters with state-of-the-art equipment at the Emsdetten site. They maintain a modern high-bay warehouse, but also offer block storage. Customer requirements are met with state-of-the-art technology. Batch tracking acc. EG-VO 178/202, First in - first out,   forklift radio, picking via Pick by Voice. All requirements acc. HACCP are implemented.

Rhein-West is dynamic and always strives to meet the growing logistics requirements and to perfect solutions for the benefit of the customer. In the field of contract logistics, they are a strong and reliable partner.

As a reliable carrier with its own fleet, Rhein-West supplies almost all economic areas, both nationally and internationally. Mainly in the segment of temperature-controlled transports. They serve the food industry and carry highly sensitive fresh products and frozen goods.

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