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GILOG |Gesellschaft für innovative Logistik mbH


Job positions filled:

  • Head of Logistics

About GILOG GmbH

Many can bring goods from A to B. The potential for real competitive advantages lies in between! Freightmanagement, Materialmanagement, eCommerce / Fulfillment - GILOG identifies and uses the hidden potential and finetunes all the cut points of a process to balance service, quality, and cost. The bottom line: achieve more with less.

GILOG has been active on the market for 15 years and is very successful with its concepts. The company, with its qualified team, offers everything that a modern, capable logistics service provider should offer, but goes further with the outgoing steps. From the beginning GILOG is interested in the potential that lies in the logistics processes. And they do everything they can to exploit this potential for the customers.

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