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  • Technical Director
  • Head of Electrical Engineering

About the company

Founded in 1923 by Carl Wilhelm Brabender, the Brabender GmbH & Co. KG is the leading company for the development, manufacture, and distribution of instruments and equipment for testing material quality and physical characteristics in all fields of research, development, and industrial production in the chemical and food industries worldwide.

The company has 80 representations in more than 116 countries. Research, development, and production are based in Germany.

In their range of products, Brabender offers suitable instruments for all applications: as single units or complete test lines. Through individual planning and cooperation with their clients, Brabender finds suitable solutions for each individual task.

While the “hardware” is important, so is an appropriate and user-friendly software, as this is decisive in the benefits of testing and measuring instruments. That is why Brabender develops tailor-made software for all its applications.Take modern development programs, exchange of information, experience with international clients, and representations worldwide -  and quality “Made in Germany” is what you get!


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