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  • Materials Tester
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Sales Specialist (steel)

About the company

ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest steel producer with over 1000 employees at the two Duisburg locations alone. Here, they produce approximately 1.45 million tonnes of high quality steel. The two plants in Ruhrort and Hochfeld look back on 150 years of steel production.

Both plants were part of the Thyssen Stahl AG (now thyssenkrupp) until 1997, when they were taken over by the ISPAT /LNM Group corporate network with headquarters in London. In 2005, ISPAT was renamed MITTAL STEEL. In June 2006, the two steel corporations Arcelor and Mittal Steel joined forces and became ArcelorMittal. Put together 262,000 employees in over 60 locations in 27 countries and you get the global market leader in steel production with an international presence - ArcelorMittal.

At the Duisburg plants, mainly long steel products are manufactured: Semi-finished products (blooms and billets) at the plant in Ruhrort, and wire rod in Hochfeld. All products undergo high-end metallurgical processes, are of the best quality, and come in a comprehensive range of sizes.

ArcelorMittal steel serves as a primary material for further processing at, for example, hot and cold rolling mills, forges, pressing plants, and drawing mills. Almost 50% of ArcelorMittal steel is processed into end products for the automotive industry.


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