The Wiesmann Principle

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel to excel in what you’re doing. It’s sufficient to do things a little differently.

The Wiesmann Principle aims at long-term job placement instead of short-term solutions. As a local service provider, we know companies and corporate culture in the Düsseldorf area, the Ruhr region, Cologne, and beyond the North Rhine-Westphalia region.

We start with a thorough analysis of the prerequisites and requirements, followed by a careful and focused recruitment process. At the same time, you need a certain level of flexibility and customization in the process to achieve the greatest flexibility for a company.

Our success rate in the matching process is higher than that of other agencies. It’s because we take a closer look. That, too, makes us different.

1 Job profile

The basis of our personnel consulting is the individual and well-founded analysis of the professional and personality-related requirements. We listen carefully to what our customers want. That's how we ensure a high hit rate right from the start.

2 Recruitment channels

For our research we use

  • Our own, large database, which includes information about highly qualified specialists and managers. It is a valuable talent pool that keeps growing.
  • External databases by specialized providers, which are valuable tools when sourcing industry-specific experts.
  • Universities and other institutions of higher education (technical colleges) with relevant departments. This is where we make contact with high-potential candidates even before they graduate.
  • Proactive recruitment. We also contact candidates not actively looking for new positions if we think their profile fits the bill.
  • Our network. Valuable contacts within the business, connections to foundations and transfer companies as well as well-founded knowledge of the HR landscape in industry and economy enable us to contact suitable professionals and managers directly and in a discreet manner.
  • Last but not least we also look at good-quality job adverts in the employment market of the Düsseldorf and Rhein-Ruhr region.
3 Selection process

We look at both sides. Is the applicant a good fit for the company and vice versa? Here, we take into account professional qualifications and experience as well as personal characteristics.

Our main focuses are:

  • systematic analysis of all application documents.
  • structured preliminary telephone interviews
  • personal interview with focus on competences and based on job-specific guidelines
  • optional measure: suitability diagnostics
4 Permanent employment

The objective of the Personalisten-Principle: Through thorough and tailor-made recruitment processes enthusiasm on both sides.