Tailor-made recruitment for better matches

The Wiesmann Principle aims to perfectly match candidates and companies. Apart from standard selection processes, such as personal interviews focused on competences, we offer our clients a number of additional processes, which assist in identifying and winning the ideal candidate.

From aptitude diagnostics to ‘look-and-see’ employer branding events, we can design your individual ‘matching-package’, which will support you and your favoured candidate in your/their decision.




Personnel decisions are based on estimates. What is the probability that a potential candidate will be successful and a valuable asset for the company? The more thorough the selection process, the higher the probability that the right decision will be made. Psychological aptitude tests also help maximise confidence in recruitment decisions.

Our ‘Personalisten Matching-Construction kit’ includes scientifically founded and standardized recruitment processes.

Upon request we can compile a selection portfolio, suited to the relevant position, from simple spatial imagination tests to more complex personality tests



Assessment Centers are an integral part of the recruitment process, particularly as regards key positions. An important factor is the pre-selection process. A well-conducted pre-selection makes the final decision a lot easier. The number and qualification of its participants determine the quality of an Assessment Center.

As recruitment specialists we support you in the Assessment Center process, from initial candidate contact to pre-selection via our diagnostics tools

We look at it from both sides - Is the applicant a good fit for the company and vice versa? Here, we take into account professional qualifications and experience, along with personal characteristics.

Our main focuses:

  • systematic analysis of all application documents.
  • structured preliminary telephone interviews
  • personal interview with focus on competences and based on job-specific guidelines
  • optional measure: suitability diagnostics

Would you like to organize a ‘employer branding’ event in an easy-going atmosphere to win potential candidates?

An ‘In-house day’ is a great opportunity to present yourself as employer in the best light.

Potential job applicants get a valuable insight into your organization; it raises your corporate image and the chances of also connecting with your candidates on a personal level.

We can either organize the whole event for you or identify and contact the target groups. Whichever you choose, we will support you according to your specific needs and requirements.