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Diversity Charter

Diversity is an opportunity.

The diversity of modern society, driven by globalization and demographic change, has an impact on the German economy. In today’s world, economic success can only be achieved if we recognize and make use of this diversity.

Diversity is reflected in our staff and our clients’ and business partners’ requirements. Diversity in the workforce opens up new opportunities for innovative and creative solutions.

Germany’s ‘Diversity Charter*’’ aims to integrate diversity into the business culture. In our company, this means first and foremost creating a work atmosphere free from prejudice. All employees are equally appreciated and respected, independent of their gender, nationality, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation and identity. Recognizing and furthering such diverse potential creates economic advantages for our organization.

*The ‘Diversity Charter’ (Ger: ‘Charta der Vielfalt’) is a corporate initiative, established in 2006 by Chancellor Angela Merkel. It aims to promote diversity in companies.

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