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Matthias Wiesmann

Unbeatably effective for companies!

We opt for future-oriented recruitment instead of outdated formulas for success.

Both specialization and flexibility are more relevant than ever as key factors in business and economic success.

If you want to stake your position in today’s competitive market you first need to get top specialists on board.  Flexibility is the foundation of market-oriented operations.        

But how to align the complex and costly search for the right staff with economic thinking and flexibility? The Wiesmann Principle does just that. It combines high-end recruitment processes with a highly flexible framework. 

Across interim solutions to temp-to-perm or direct placement. Our portfolio includes all forms of modern recruitment for a variety of industries and across all levels of seniority.

Recruitment is our daily business, freeing you to concentrate on yours.


Advantages for companies:

Industry-tailored recruitment done by specialists.

Our recruiters and personnel consultants are specialists when it comes to the ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ in the recruitment process. They know the big and the small players and are well connected to the best candidates in the relevant industry. They know their business and speak both the candidates’ and clients’ language. By quickly combining ‘what is needed’ with ‘where can we find it’, the recruitment process becomes highly successful and effective.

Customized recruitment processes

Our passion is finding the ideal candidates for our clients, who meet exactly the necessary requirements. For us, it’s not a question of whether or not we can do it but how we can do it. That’s why we offer different forms of recruitment; direct, and indirect. This means that for your dream candidate, the decision will be an easy one.

Best access to candidates

Put together access to a large number of candidates by way of hundreds of personal interviews per year, an excellent reputation in the recruitment business and thorough and proactive recruitment processes. That is how we headhunt candidates who typically cannot be reached by means of ‘standard’ recruitment techniques.  We believe in quality in quantity, and our methods raise the chances of filling a position and enhancing the overall value of the job placement. The best candidates don’t apply for a position; they wait to be contacted, and persuaded.