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Miriam Sütterlin

Recruiter & Head of Food

„Perfectly imperfect.”


Doesn't beat around the bush for long and gets down to business. Finds the right body for every taste and knows all the recipes for a candidate search.

For dedicated and qualified applicants, she sometimes bites into the sour apple. Sweet-Talkers have no chance with her.

Career Background

After commercial training and law studies with a focus on employment law, she preferred to sit in front of people instead of files to write happy stories with much communication and heart and soul.

First as a consultant with 360-degree responsibilities and since 2019 as a recruiter at the Personalisten.

Interests and Hobbies

When she is not out and about in nature, she swings the baking and cooking spoons and prefers to create delicious and simple recipes that you can not only read on her blog, but also cook.