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Lisa Hüning

Head of Recruiting & Improvisation Artist

"You can't think negative and expect positive."


Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting – recruit by herself, mainly specialists and executives in the areas of mechanical engineering and (retail) trade, teach recruiting (for new personnel in the crew) + recruiting development (management of the recruiting team).

Career background

Not long planned, but not improvised either, at least personnel issues have always been her dream of the future. Short excursion into the world of banks. And then abroad! After she almost lost her heart to the Orient during the exchange semester, she still completed her business administration studies with a focus on human resources and various internships in personnel selection, development and HR marketing. Started as "personalistin" in 2015 and took over the management of the recruiting team in 2019.

Interests and hobbies

Culinary and musical cross over (whether pierogi or börek, whether hip or pop - the main thing is good and handmade). The only drama in her life is in the weekly improvisational theater - played by herself, of course.