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Jörg Seiffert

Personnel Consultant & Jockey

„Life is not a pony farm...ridden is nevertheless.”


Has a good grasp of issues in the mechanical engineering and electrical engineering sectors. Shod both in the technical and in the commercial sector.

Maxim: "My customer should be able to go and steal horses with me."

Career background

Played as a child like cowboy and Indians. ... and thus became first race rider / jockey.

Then wanted to saddle up a "decent" job but not miss the sporting challenge and trained as an industrial clerk, followed by the entry into sales (including electric and food). Finally arrived in his professional home "staff" and here for 20 years at the forefront (including branch manager).

Joining the racing team of the Personalisten in 2019.


"It does not always have to be mainstream" (Equestrian Sports, KFC Uerdingen, Funk Rock)