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Jeannine Lade-Berns

Online Marketing Managerin & Jack-of-all-Trades

„What you want to ignite in others must burn inside yourself first.”


Storytelling on all Personalist's channels is her professional home. Wether search engine optimized blogs, event announcements or Social Media activities - she never runs out of adequate words to impress the digital reader, Above that she sends out newsletters now and then.

In Webinars the Personalists set her on inquisitive audiences on exciting, digital Human Resources issues.

Career Background

Besides several years in Software Sales Management and Online Account Management she has been on and about as a SEO-Copywriter and Social Media Manager for a long time.

Since 2020 she edits photos with the Personalist's filter.

Interests and hobbies

Weight training, horse riding, boxing, running. If the pace is good and the kids are nice, there is time left for an audio book or the tremendous wish the day had 27 hours. At least.