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Felix Fürstenau

Recruiter & Handyman

„Everything is possible. Miracles take a little longer.”


A very good double quota is not only an advantage in darts. Even with the personalists you can do an excellent job with it!

And so, as a recruiter and dual student, he combines the best recruiting skills with well-founded, scientific principles in order to recruit candidates with a tough 9-darts finish.

Career background

After the solid training as a painter and varnisher, two exciting years followed as a volunteer in child and youth work in Berlin.

But what brings you back to Düsseldorf? Of course, the personalists, in whose team he made the perfect start as a dual student in personnel management in 2021.

Interests and hobbies

He is an empathic team player! In sports and also on the business field. If the big team is not within reach, then he prefers to hit the bull's eye on the darts board in a very goal-oriented manner.

After a successful match there is cooking and of course eating. He likes to end the evening with his family and with one or two board games.