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Our values
what we stand for
A promise is a promise
We stand for clarity and keep our promises.
...and are most successful in partnerships.
We listen carefully before we start.
We always want to KNOW it better
...and never stop learning.
We enjoy the success
...of bringing together the best candidates with the best companies.

Deutschland rundet auf

The charitable donation movement 'Germany rounds up' aims to improve equal opportunity for children in Germany whose families are affected by poverty.

Herzlauf-Hilden e. V.

The association generates funds, which are donated to one or more charitable organizations at the end of the year. The highlight of every year is the "Herzlauf" (heart run) in the Hildener forest.

Kleine Hilfsaktion e. V.

The association helps poor people who have come into an extreme emergency situation.

Mosaikschule e. V.

Special school for mental development

Fortuna Düsseldorf

"Wo ist deine Heimat?" (Where is your homeland) is called the current member campaign of our red and white traditional club Fortuna Dusseldorf e. V., who knows a great dedication behind him.

TSV Borgers Baskets Bocholt

In addition to top-level sport, achievements in grassroots sport are also very important to us


Wiesmann ist an active member of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung e.V." since 2017.

Unternehmerschaft Düsseldorf

Wiesmann has been an active member of the Düsseldorf business association since 2011.

Destination Düsseldorf

Increase the attractiveness of the state capital and its surroundings - that is the stated goal of the local working group that we support.